Hi Pathfinders,

In this world where there seems to be less time to do all the things that we want to achieve, I help you in your search for meaning and holistic life – a life that is balanced!

I can work with you towards success if you:

  • Are feeling stressed
  • Want more from life
  • Desire a balance between work and life
  • Are looking to feel empowered
  • Are seeking holistic health
  • Want to make your life more fulfilling and meaningful

About Me

I am a seeker and explorer. I satiate my desire to seek physically by trekking mountains, hiking, and traveling. I seek metaphysically by reading, taking new courses, looking for lessons in every experience that I have and growing each day!

My desire to seek led me towards becoming a Certified Empowerment Coach. I believe in staying with my clients every step of their journey as they discover themselves and as they achieve their goal.

I had the courage to follow my dream and passion after working in the corporate world for 12 years and then freelancing for another 9 years.

I trained for coaching from Symbiosis Coaching and obtained my certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF), studied psychology from the University of British Columbia, took courses in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and I continue to educate myself in this line of work that so fascinates me.

I am now delighted to give back to the world a little bit of what I have learned. What really elevates and inspires me about coaching is the deep satisfaction and exhilaration that I get when my clients achieve what they are looking for. The feeling is tough to describe but there is no other feeling that is better than this one!

I also work with companies to enhance awareness about the importance of work-life balance and stress management. I want the world to awaken themselves to the fact that there is a LOT more to life than ‘going through the motions’.

What my Clients Have to Say

“I have known Shiwani for a very long time. I can vouch for her abilities to show direction to people who talk to her and ask questions about their life, problems, career and stress. I have known her to be very calm and dignified. A very good listener and someone who really come up with innovative solutions. I wish her the best in her role as a Certified Empowerment Coach.”         …Suresh, Delhi, India

Working with Shiwani has been a real eye-opener in terms of what I can achieve personally and professionally. Our discussions have helped me analyse my weaknesses and understand my potential. She really helps you understand the root cause of things that hold you back in achieving your true potential.” …Soumitra Ghatak, Hyderabad, India

Engaging Shiwani as my life coach turned out to be one of the best decisions. Her unrelenting commitment to her client’s best interests was quite evident from the get go. She quickly became my confidante who knows my deepest ambitions and amplifies the zeal to pursue my life goals. She brings clarity, helps identify and remove subconscious blocks, paving the path for bigger achievements.” …Prerna Bagga, Delhi, India