What is this Blog About?

I have never been a fan of ‘being a fan’ of a sect or a belief system. I do not consider myself a Hindu, an Indian, a follower of Osho or a Brahmakumari. I like the flexibility of picking and choosing what appeals to me from what I read, hear and experience. At the end of the day, it is what makes sense to me that really prevails.

Whether it is my inherent quality or something that was shaped over the ears, I cannot say. I do know that I started asking questions as soon as I could express myself (something my dad will vouch for!) and none of them too easy to answer. This nature could also be something my father inculcated over the years because I do not remember a single question being answered illogically with a ‘just because I say so’ or ‘just because I am your father’ attitude. And since each question was answered gently, patiently and with all the love, however sacrilegious, appalling or hideous it may have been, I never stopped.

In fact, I think I revel in it!

It is therefore lucky for me that I am born in this age where scriptures are being re-assessed, re-questioned and looked at in a new light. I do agree that the whole thought process is not widespread but it is a relief that there are many who question the so-called ‘givens’.

I am probably incapable of understanding people who do not question. For me it is the same as not thinking and allowing someone else to do the thinking for you. I have oft been reprimanded by some that I want to re-invent the wheel every time. There are some things that have been thought through by people before us and we follow them. And what would happen if we kept following these things without questioning them for eternity? There would be no inventions, no new ideas, no changes in society or social structure. We would still be living in the bonds of a caste system, women would still be oppressed, the LGBT community would never get recognized, slavery would never have been abolished.

Do I need to go on?

So, what is this blog about? This is a blog where I question anything and everything. Starting from why everyone is going gaga over the latest Shahrukh Khan movie to why is Raavan considered a villain when he was the lord of a kingdom that was called SwarnaLanka or Sone ki Lanka (Lanka made of Gold), everything that I start to question will appear here.

So, here’s to questioning everything that you want to and then arriving at your ‘own personal truth’!


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